Managing in the times of Covid-19

As the global lockdown over Covid-19 or Coronavirus continues, organisations are facing new challenges in managing their existing workforce and planning for the future.

The immediate and short-term challenge is on mitigating the impact from the lock down with “work from home”. This is probably the biggest “remote working” movement in history. Organisations are putting in place new measures to help employees work more effectively from home; and processes to monitor, control and manage issues such as employee engagement, performance and cyber-risks.
As organisations battle with the impact of this crisis, leaders have to answer the following questions:
  • How do you manage the organisations immediate needs when hiring full-time talent with existing recruitment processes becomes much more challenging?
  • How do you build the organisation to take advantage of growth opportunities once the current crisis ends?
  • How do you develop flexibility in your hiring processes for the changes in the workspace; and to account for any changes in strategy / organisation needs, emerging from this crisis?
One option offering answers to some of these challenges is “remote, flexible hiring”. offers organisations the ability to identify, select and hire such flexible resources, all of whom have been verified under the XpertReach empanelment process; and are able to work flexible hours, remotely.
Here are some potential benefits, of using more “work from home” staff:
  • Flexible contracts, so organisations pay only for time worked / needed
  • Short-term, so organisations don’t have long-term liability for every resource hired
  • Managed, so organisations can hire a team if needed to work on any particular requirement
  • Long-term, option to continue if the organisation needs it
  • Lower cost, as no infrastructure and other fixed investment needed for flexible hires
  • Many studies over the years have shown that people working from home could be more productive
Top firms are already considering the impact the current crisis will have long-term, on workplace culture. As a recent Bloomberg article points out, once effective work-from-home policies are established, they are likely to stick – “Karen Harris, managing director of consultancy Bain’s Macro Trends Group in New York.”(