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Data Scientists, Big Data & Analytics Experts

Access top data scientists and experts in business intelligence and data analytics

Business intelligence and data analytics consultants

Business Intelligence

Analytics Strategy and Business Intelligence Implementation

Data modelling and visualisation consultant

Data Analytics

Data Modelling, Visualisation, Mining & Extraction, Quantitative and Predictive Analytics

AI and Machine Learning Consultants

AI & Machine Learning

AI software, Machine learning, Algorithms and Design

Data Analytics and Interim Data Scientists

Other Support

Ongoing Data Science and Analytics support, Interim Data Scientist

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Big Data & Analytics

Data Scientist
  • 20 years+
  • MBA, MSc Stats
  • Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERPs, SAP, CRM, SCM, Business Intelligence, PoS 

AI & Machine Learning
  • <10 years
  • BE
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine. Feature engineering, Feature selection, Machine learning and Deep learning

Data Analyst
  • <10 years
  • BE - DCE
  • Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Econometrics, Demand forecasting, R, SAS, Market Sizing & Analysis

Data Scientist
  • 15 years+
  • Masters in Information Systems
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, DevOps

Data Analyst
  • 25 years+
  • PhD
  • Data Storage & Database Management, Data Analysis & Interpretation, HMIS Administration

Statistical Analysis
  • 15 years
  • MS
  • Analytics, RPA, Lean Six Sigma. Python, Data Science Analytics, R, SPSS, Minitab, JMP

Data Scientist
  • Experience: <5 years
  • BE
  • Decision Analyst. SAS, SQL, Excel modelling

Data Analyst
  • 4 years+
  • Data Science - ISB, Data Analytics IIT
  • Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT, Deep Learning

Data Scientist
  • <5 years
  • MSE (Data Science)
  • AI chatbots using Natural Language Processing Packages. Predictive Modelling


Big Data, Apache Spark
  • 10 years+
  • BE Computer Science
  • Big Data and Apache Spark Developer, Hadoop Eco-system, Yarn

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