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Client and Consultant Private Chat

Initiate Chat

Once a Consultant has submitted a Proposal, a Client and Consultant can communicate directly, using the Platform Chat tools. Before a Project has been awarded, private chat between Client and Consultant can be initiated only by the Client. This is necessary to protect the Client’s privacy and Platform security. To initiate Chat, Client can click on the Chat Icon (as above) from within the Project Page

Discussion and Negotiation

Client and Consultant can communicate directly using Private Chat. Additional & confidential project details can be shared, NDA’s exchanged, credentials presented, and terms negotiated.

chat widget

Chat Widget and History

After the Client has initiated the Chat, the Consultant and the Client can access the chat via the Chat Widget (as above) on the bottom right corner of the page


We recommend that the Client and Consultant sign an Agreement on the agreed scope, deliverables and fees. All documentation attached to Private Chats are private and not visible to other users

Initiate Chat After Project Awarded

Once the Project has been awarded, either of the Client or Consultant can initiate discussion. This can be via the Project Page by clicking the chat icon (as above), if there has been no previous private chat between the two. If there has been previous discussion between the two, the chat can continue privately by selecting the correct thread via the Chat Widget

Updates and Payments

During the Contract Phase, Client and Consultant can use the private chat to provide updates, take or receive feedback, confirm deliverables, and request payments. See project process flow for further details

Do’s and Don’ts

Once a Proposal is received, Client should initiate private discussion “Private Chat” with the short-listed consultants
The purpose of the Private Chat may be to assess the suitability of the Consultant, share further information, sign an NDA, negotiate the requirements and fees, or exchange an Agreement
The chat is an integral part of the Platform and will be recorded for future reference. The Client or Consultant can always refer to the communications by reviewing the appropriate thread on the Chat Widget
In the event of a dispute, or to prevent any inappropriate activity, XpertReach services may refer to the private chat, in accordance with the terms of service
Never use the Chat functionality to exchange communication details such as Address, Phone, Email, Social Media ID’s or other means by which Client or Consultant may communicate off the Platform. Any such communication is prohibited and is a violation of the terms of service, and may result in immediate suspension of the account.