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A Guide on completing the set-up process

Sign-up form: Select a strong password to ensure your account is protected. Your email and phone number will be used to verify your account
Registration Profile: Take care to draft your professional and consulting experience and other details. See your tips and suggestions on creating a successful profile.
Upload your LinkedIn Profile URL and your CV detailing your experience, positions held, responsibilities and key achievements. These are used by XpertReach Account Services team in line with our curation process to verify and approve your account. Our team will contact you to complete our empanelment process
KYC details: Complete the requested KYC details and submit the documentation needed. KYC is a mandatory requirement to safeguard our users, prevent frauds and meet regulatory / taxation requirements for payments of fees.
Communication and Confirmations: Respond to our empanelment team over email or for a discussion on phone / skype, or any request for clarification or further information to complete the empanelment process. This helps us ensure that we can maintain the quality of our consultant network, attract the best clients, and match you to the right projects.
Complete Account Set-up: Once your account has been approved and activated, Login to your Dashboard and update your Account Settings – selecting how you want your Profile Display, adding your preferred fees rates, and add any additional information.
Set up your Services: Go to the Categories menu on your Dashboard to select the functional categories and specific sub-categories that you have expertise in and would like to be considered for projects.

Process flow to register as Consultant

Consultant Registration and Account Set Up