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Creating a Successful Consultant Profile

Follow these simple tips to create a well structured profile on the Platform. A good profile that reflects your experience and expertise, supported with additional documents, is more likely to generate positive interest from clients, and result in work being awarded. In contrast, profiles that overstate experience and expertise or that are not supported or verifiable, are likely to be rejected by clients.

Spend time in creating your profile, ensuring that it adequately reflects your education, experience and expertise. Upload your Photo and your CV to support

Provide the URL link for your LinkedIn profile. A valid LinkedIn profile is required for our empanelment team to review and approve your registration.

Provide an accurate and truthful description of your professional or consulting experience and skills. This will enable the Platform to match you with the right projects.

Upload supporting credentials or case studies of relevant experience. To protect your identity and the platform integrity, these should not contain any identifiable details such as logos, business name, phone or email, address, website etc. Any uploads that violate policies may be removed without notice, and the user account suspended.

Additional documentation to verify Customer identity will be required to meet regulatory KYC requirements for payments. You can provide these at any time after registration, but before you can award a project or carry out any financial transactions on the Platform. Identify verification is also required for us to maintain platform security and the safety of all our users.

Our services team will be contact you over email or platform notifications to assist with completing your registration and KYC processes