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Understanding your Client Dashboard

Clients Dashboard: Home

The Clients Dashboard from the client home page, provides access to “Post a Project” icons, and the top menus

Client: Notifications

The “Bell” Icon provides access to all Platform Notifications regarding Proposals received and Project events

Client: Chat Widget

The “Chat” widget is accessible from the bottom right of your Dashboard. All your Chats are organised by thread – with XpertReach services team and with clients

Client Profile

Client Profile Info including Name, Contact details, Logo etc.

Additional Details including detailed profile and experience, KYC data etc. Consultant can edit and keep updated

Project Orders

Project Orders provides a summary of all recent Projects finalised and awarded to Consultants. Clicking on the summary leads to the detailed project page


Opened Projects are projects open for receiving proposals. Client can see the number of proposals (“Bids”) received. Clicking on “View Bids” will open the list of proposals received

Closed Projects are the projects which have been awarded to Consultants. A contract is in place

Expired Projects are projects which are past the specified “end date” and no longer active