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About XpertReach

Exclusive talent platform to hire top-tier professionals and senior management

Best professional talent – on demand

The talent platform helping organisations solve key business challenges


Accessing the right talent for organisations to meet their objectives. Use our talent platform and leverage on and off-balance sheet talent to meet project and business requirements


Sourcing and hiring professionals that have the broadest and most meaningful range of expertise, ensuring that talent have been initially reviewed for experience and qualifications


Interacting with candidates, hiring consultants, managing individual or a team, providing feedback and reviews, while taking advantage of new ways of working in the Gig economy

Talent Platform Products

Flexible options

Access and hire professionals and consultants to fit your hiring requirements – whether project based or full-time

Full-time Hire

Hire top talent for leadership, senior management or interim management roles

Product: XpertHire

Flexi Contracts

Hire freelance consultants on variable or fixed fee contracts. Multi-currency support

Products: XpertCall & XpertConsult

Managed Teams

Assemble and hire a team of freelance consultants with project management support

Product: XpertPrime

Why choose us?

A platform to meet all your talent and project needs

Our Products

Learn more about our products designed to meet a range of expertise, full-time and project based talent requirements

How it Works

Learn more about our talent platform services for client organisations, freelance consultants and job-seekers


Read our community guidelines and terms of service, combined with platform tools and features for secure transactions


Access our resources and guides to help you use our talent platform effectively. Read our FAQs or Chat to answer your queries

About us

The talent platform

At XpertReach, we enable companies to find and hire the best professional and freelance talent, on-demand, whether for leadership or senior management roles, interim management roles, short-term individual contracts, or longer-term team based contracts.

XpertReach aims to be a leading provider in the transition to an agile on-demand workforce, with its innovative use of technology, processes, tools and engagement models.

XpertReach provides on-demand, curated and vetted professionals, enabling businesses to scale-up and build agile organisations. Our executive search and curation process selects only the top-tier of professionals, helping our clients to significantly reduce time to hire, optimise budgets and reduce costs, with an assurance of the quality of freelance talent available.

XpertReach members benefit from the full range of platform capabilities, to match the right talent to requirements and completing the hiring process.

For project based hiring, our platform provides the tools for managing the engagement and project milestones, secure communications and payments.